We pride ourselves on running shows that are of the highest quality handmade arts and crafts. We do not accept commercial, buy and sell or imported items.

We require at least 4 photos of your finished work. In addition, we need at least 2 photos that are “work in progress” or photos of your messy workspace with your supplies in the background. The purpose of these photos is to prove to us that you are indeed making your items and not ordering them wholesale.

Heritage Fest - this show is outside so you are required to bring your own tent. The spaces are 10 X 10 and are located along Lincoln Ave (on pavement). The back of your booth is at the curb and your booth faces the Fox River. You are able to set up on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning Security is provided for Friday and Saturday nights.
Booth fee for the two days is $144.00


Autumn On The Fox Art and Craft Show (during St. Charles Scarecrow Festival) - at this show; we rent two large tents for “tent” booths and there are “outside” booths in the surrounding areas. All booths are located in Pottawatomie Park which is on the east bank of the Fox River. You are able to set up on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Security is provided for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
Booth fees:
Tent space is 8’ deep x 11’ wide and is $374.00
Outside space (bring your own tent) 10 X 10 and is $334.00



Christmas On The Fox Art and Craft Show - this show is inside a beautiful Robinson Hall. It is held at the Kane County Fairgrounds but it is ALL INSIDE. You are able to set up on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning. Security is provided for Friday and Saturday nights. Electricity is available and is FREE. We encourage you to decorate your booth with lights and holiday touches.
Booth fee for 10 X 10 is $254.00

If you are interested in receiving an application packet; please email or call with your name and mailing address. We prefer to mail the packets rather than email because each show is printed on a different color paper which aids organization.


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